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Vibrant Physical Therapy & Wellness

Your Physical Therapy and Functional Medicine/Wellness Experts

At Vibrant, we offer an innovative approach to your health goals.

Combining personalized manual physical therapy and functional medicine services

allows us to find the root cause of your concerns. 

Be Vibrant!

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Services Offered

What’s Available

We love helping individuals get back to the active life they love in an integrated, sustainable, and natural way.


With a special interest in assisting people with muscle-skeletal and /or intestinal (ex: IBS ) pain, we can significantly decrease or eliminate pain and related concerns within a few weeks time.  I have personally used Functional Medicine on myself to successfully address the root cause of these same concerns and I am here to help you.

Clean the Gut and Clear the Concern.   Get back to living the life you want to live! 

 In order to reach your health and wellness goals, we offer a variety of services. We provide personalized care and the positive reinforcement you need to make big lifestyle changes.

Take a look at some of the services we offer for telehealth and in person appointments.

Please contact us to discuss details and discover which option is best for you.

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Physical Therapy

Are you unable to live your active life?

Do you have spine (back or neck) pain, with or without debilitating nerve pain?

Dealing with headaches and/or TMJ pain?

Chronic abdominal tension/adhesion's or digestive difficulties?

Pain and uncertainty with hyper-mobility?

Ongoing joint stiffness, pain or lack of mobility?

Do you feel restricted in your ability to get things done?, 

  • If so, experience an unique type of physical therapy (PT) unlike traditional PT clinics. The difference of customized care designed to look at your whole body in a private setting with care from a Doctor of Physical Therapy for your entire appointment; therefore allowing quality and effective immediate care as a top priority.

  • Specialties include :

    • Spine​, Joints, Sports,

              Headache, TMJ disorders, BPPV,

              Visceral ( example : intestinal),                        biomechanics/kinesiology, 

              taping and more.  

  • Physical Therapy techniques

    • Additional training obtained with Functional Manual Therapy (an integrated physical therapy evaluation and treatment system for full body analysis and interconnections), Strain Counter Strain ( gentle muscle tension reprogramming), Muscle Energy Technique ( for gentle  joint corrections), myofascial release ​and more. 

  • Initial Appointment = 60 min 

    • ​A detailed physical and bio-mechanical examination and customized treatment.​
      • Investment = $180​.00

  • Follow Up Appointment 

    • Continue the care and progression of your treatment plan, often only 1-5 visits needed​ for significant improvement. 

      • 60 min. Investment = $150.00

  • Good Faith Estimate.  Vibrant PT & Wellness believes in health care cost transparency therefore, costs are listed on the website.  However, if you would also like this in writing please contact us. 

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Functional Medicine

Do you struggle with feeling healthy?

Do you find that intestinal concerns limit your daily activities?

Progressive worsening of your muscles and joints?

Do you believe that you can find a better solution?

Initial Appointment

  • If so, this appointment will discuss your health concerns, personal life long history and your wellness goals.

  • Recommendations for obtaining optimal health and wellness including: lifestyle intervention, diet, stress management, sleep intervention and as needed, Functional Medicine labwork to find the underlying physiological root cause. Please return required paperwork at least a week in advance to allow thorough review prior to your appointment. 

  • 'Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Investment = $300

Follow up Appointments:

     (2 options)

  • 1) Basic Functional Medicine Program:​Keep the positive momentum going with review of your health , lab work and recommendations.

  • Frequency:  1 to ideally 2 appointments/month for the next 2-3 months to allow timely implementation and progression of interventions. Having regular monthly appointments allow positive changes to occur in an efficient manner. After the 2 month window, options for less frequent appointments are available.

  • Approximately 45 min - 1 hour.       

  •  Investment : $200/appt

    • In addition:

      • Q& A Session are also an additional option (upon the discretion of practitioner) for assistance when in-depth questions arise during the 2 month program timeframe. (Note: This option is not available for lab interpretation and recommendations)

        • ​Investment

          • 20 min via phone or zoom online call = $50

Schedule your free consultation, including a link to fill out brief health forms, for any functional medicine appointments and/or programs HERE


Are you ready to stop having the frustrating, painful and sometimes embarrassing gut problems like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, acid reflux, IBS and more?? 

Are you committed, coachable and eager to make positive changes to have great gut health and therefore the vibrant optimal life you have always wanted?

  • If so, join me for a comprehensive full access personalized 12 week program - based off of the Functional Medicines 5 R program.  I have created this program to quickly determine the root cause of your gut concerns and have optimal health and wellness.  I have also dealt with gut health issues and I'm here to help you stop the issues. It is possible!

  • Interventions include: 

  • 2 private, personalized, Functional Medicine/Wellness appointments (1-2 hours each)

  •  1 Visceral (Gut) Fascial Release appointment (1 hour) 

  • Weekly group telehealth calls on Wednesdays from 12-1pm MST (Calls alternating between education and mentor/Q & A) 

  • Gut functional testing

    • (1 of 2 test options: Comprehensive Stool Analysis and Parasitology OR Organix for cellular metabolism and more ) 

  • Gut health samples 

  • Unlimited full support via email and Facebook gut reset group with Dr. Heather.

  • Fullscript account with 20% off discount on all supplements/products ( during the program).

  • Note:  Limited spots are available due to maintaining high quality individualized care and support.

  • Program start time varies but typically begins in January and May of each year.

This program requires a free 20-25 minute consultation first to determine readiness and ,acceptance in the program, for obtaining vibrant health and wellness.


Interested in self lead online gut programs? See our selection of month long modules


Schedule your free consultation, including a link to fill out brief health forms, for any functional medicine appointments and/or programs HERE

Essential Oil Services

Are you wanting an effective natural solution?

One based on science and practical testimonials?

An ability to fully feel what relaxation should be while deeply supporting your body?

Aromatouch Sesssion

  •  Benefit from a 45 minute essential oils technique utilizing the therapeutic benefits of doTERRA essential oils. 

  • The essential oils are applied with light soothing techniques along meridian points and neurological receptive areas of the back and feet. 

  • Designed to support the body with immune, detox, rejuvenation and relaxing properties.

  • Investment = $75                     

Symphony of the Cells Session

  • Similar to Aromatouch but with the ability to target specific systems in the body with 18 different protocols to choose from, 20 minute duration. Examples include support for anti-inflammation, digestive, stress, cellular health and more. 

  • ​Investment = $35-$55 pending the protocol given.

Essential Oil Consultation

  • Available for anyone who is new or experienced with essential oils. 

  • Discover how you can utilize essential oils to give you maximum targeted benefits.

  • Investment = $30 for 30 minutes

Health Programs 

Life gets complicated, but caring for your health doesn't have to be! 


These self-lead online health programs, with professional support, will help to get you back to the life you love! 

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More About Vibrant Physical Therapy and Wellness

How We Got Our Start- From Dr. Heather Lowe, Owner/Practitioner

Fifteen years after working as an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist, I was lead to find a better health solution. To find and eliminate the root cause of people's health concerns. To stop the symptom management cycle and deliver results on a deeper, integrative and personal level.   Combining the highly detailed and whole body approaches of Manual Physical Therapy to address the muscle- skeletal approaches, correct bio-mechanics and specific exercises  and then, as needed, the integrated systemic approach of Functional Medicine helps to build the cornerstone to obtaining a healthy: life, body and mind.  I focus on delivering exceptional quick results and teach the tools for empowered self care.


I pride myself on the ability to offer personalized, heartfelt healthcare thru physical therapy and functional medicine to allow you to live the life you love. Curious to find out more?

Get in touch with me today for your 15 min Free Health Consultation and see if we would make a good team.

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"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Contact Info

My success is measured by your level of well-being.

Get in touch today for a free 15 minute consultation and find out how I can help set you on the path to vibrant health.

Heather Lowe

Functional Medicine Physical Therapist


 Functional Medicine Practitioner

    & doTERRA Wellness Coach


Telehealth ( phone call or video call) 


In-person services at:

Vibrant PT &Wellness

280 S. Academy

Suite 120

Eagle, ID  83616


Fax: 1-844-990-4180

IG: Vibrantptwellness

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