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How are you different?
- One on One care with the provider giving undivided time and attention to discover your needs and personalize your care for quicker results.
- No aides or assistants used, simply work only with your provider at every hour long appointment.
- Being very specific to your individual needs and identifying the imbalanced details in physical therapy (joints, fascia, muscle, organs, muscle imbalance, lack of muscle activation/initiation, flexibility, poor biomechanics etc)  or functional medicine/wellness ( the functional interconnections between all body systems etc) allows hidden root causes to be discovered and corrected.  Often we find areas of concern that may have been missed elsewhere. This often facilitates results and progression quicker - therefore, you feel better faster! 
-We teach you the tools to empower your health and therefore reduce the need to come back for repeat, unnecessary,  appointments.
-Bringing in a whole body natural approach allows a deeper level of optimal health!
- Further Questions?: Contact us  or use the green book here link on the home page for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and how we may be of service to you.
Do you take insurance?
 - Vibrant is a fee for service clinic; however a detailed receipt ( called a "superbill") can be self submitted to your insurance company for potential out of network reimbursement for physical therapy services.
Simply call your insurance company for more details re: what your out of network benefits are for physical therapy. It may also be be beneficial to consider the additional questions here in the Q&A when looking at this option.
Is it worth it to pay vs using my insurance?
- Often, patients save money and time with our services
due to typically getting significant results in just a few visits compared to attending conventional physical therapy clinics 2-3x/week for multiple weeks ( a standard treatment at traditional PT clinics is 3x/wk for 6 or more weeks) at various amounts of copays and/or deductibles.
- We aim for quick results to get you better faster!
How do I get potential reimbursement? 
-Vibrant PT & Wellness is not responsible for reimbursement results; please ask your insurance company for instructions ( many plans have an out of network benefit) and then request a "superbill" from us to send into your insurance company.  


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