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It is our privilege to help people obtain their full potential and optimal wellness.
Please read some examples below ...

Turned Chronic Pain and Exhaustion into Joy and Energy

I was referred to Dr. Heather Lowe by my rheumatologist for treatment fro scoliosis, chronic pain from fibromyalgia, IBS, hyper-joint mobility, and problems after double total knee replacements. I sought help from a multitude of doctors and physical therapists for 3 decades. I was close to losing hope of every getting any help for the chronic pain. Heather proved to. me after the first visit that she had developed an approach to healthcare, far above anything that I have experienced before. She is highly intuitive and hones right in on what needs to be done. Heather is highly trained in communication and uses that to personally the treatment to me. She connects with me not just as another patient, but as a unique individual whose needs are based on a whole life of experiences that affected my body.

This past year, I invested in my health with Heather. With her multifaceted medical education, Heather has guided and empowered me to make sustainable lifestyle changes at my own pace, with a plan that transformed as I did. After getting me out of my acute pain, we straightened out the 15-degree scoliosis curvature with gentle movements and bodywork. As part of Heather's ongoing educational programs, I have taken the following classes: Essential Oils, Core 101, Pilates Reformer, WOW Fit Wall, and her 12-week Gut Reset Wellness Program. I have gleaned so much from everything!

The Gut Reset Wellness Program is what really kicked my transformation into high gear of healing so fast. The chronic pain from inflammation is gone, my blood pressure is down, my exhaustion has transformed into energy, and the IBS that I had struggled with since I was young is completely manageable! I have lost over 35 pounds. My weight had yo-yoed most of my life, which had weighed heavily on my self-confidence. I found out that what I was eating was keeping the viscous circle going. Once I got out of it, there was no turning back. I have regulated my weight and my cravings have gone away. I also believe that the Gut Reset Wellness Program is the cornerstone to me being able to manage the chronic pain from fibromyalgia. This is so important to me because I had been prescribed many drugs from chronic pain. A few years ago, I made a choice to get off of all of them after 27 years (done prior to seeing Heather). Heather's multi-faceted, functional medical approach treated with outstanding results without taking unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs. 

I used to dread waking up in the morning to chronic pain and exhaustion. Now, I look forward to waking up every morning to a daily routine that has given joy and energy into my life. I will forever be grateful for this experience with Dr. Heather Lowe!          - Ilka Mittmann

 Phenomenal Care

I'm so thankful for Dr. Lowe's compassionate care and expertise. I've been to a number of health professionals in the past 7 years following a traumatic accident. I had been told I wouldn't get any better - I was mostly functional, so I just needed pain meds. After refusing to accept my state for 7 years, I was finally recommended to Dr. Lowe and it's been a life-changing step towards full functioning health.        

 - Jake Zanders

 Miracle Worker

Dr. Heather has helped my family in extraordinary ways! I dislocated my tailbone and when 3 other doctors/chiropractors told me I'd just have to give it 3-6 months to heal, I was devastated because I was in so much pain. There was no way I could live life the way I was! I went to see Dr. Heather and within 3 or 4 sessions, she had completely healed me! Additionally, she has helped my husband with ongoing nerve issues. He has found relief in her treatments and even seen the healing begin. Heather is truly a blessing to our family's health!

 - Natasha Kempthorne

GERD, Heartburn, Acid Reflux…

I’ve struggled with GERD for 20+ years. I’ve tried ALL, ALL OF THEM, all of the over the counter and prescription medications.  I’ve taken pantoprazole (Protonix) for 10+ of those years.  It worked great!  Then, the research came out showing an increased risk of osteoporosis and dementia.  Those were hard NO’s for me to continue to take Protonix due to family history.  (Also, in the back of my mind, I had always wondered what the long term side effects of these medications were.  I remember asking my doctor what the long term side effects were.  There wasn’t any literature at this time as these medications were so new, yikes!)

So, needless to say, I stopped taking Protonix and attempted to manage my GERD with non-prescription therapies.  




I decided to discuss  my challenges with Dr. Heather Lowe.  In doing so I realized Heather’s depth of knowledge of the body,  and not just from the physical therapy perspective.  This woman knows the body!!!  Her functional medicine knowledge is impressive and adds so many layers to her already vast knowledge of the body!  I’m a nurse.  I’ve worked in Critical Care for 20 years.  I currently work with some really smart people that know the body.  Heather…she KNOWS the body!!  Her area of expertise is deep!


In just a few visits with Heather I saw and felt results very quickly!  My skin was glowing and I was not living with the pain of GERD!  We focused on my gut health as well as mindfulness of triggers contributing to my GERD.  I RARLEY need “rescue” medication for GERD anymore!  I had developed adult acne and dermatitis for which I sought treatment from a dermatologist after multiple of my own trials and tribulations failed.  I had tried all the lotions and potions and almost started a round of antibiotics in attempts to get my face cleared up.  For awhile, I was glad to be wearing masks as they covered up my horribly patchy acne covered skin. Thanks to Heather’s guidance, my skin issues quickly cleared up, quicker than with the prescribed medication from my dermatologist!  For me, this was a bonus of getting my gut back on track! 


Who knew the GUT has so much to do with the WHOLE body!!  I’ve learned the gut really is the  BRAIN for the WHOLE body!  PLEASE, if you have ANY struggles with your body, take the time to meet Heather!  Your return on investment with Heather will be invaluable!!  It sure has been for me!      Marie Krochmal, RN

Support and Success

I enrolled in Dr. Heather Lowe’s Gut Reset Program last winter when I was greatly struggling with my digestion and not receiving any helpful answers from my medical doctor. I found her program informative and well structured, but of more importance, highly supportive and effective. 

When I started my gut journey with Heather, I felt helpless and frightened. She supported me by returning emails promptly, engaging all my questions on zoom, and truly focusing on my concerns. I felt safe enough to begin to make major dietary changes in my life. They say it takes six months to develop a new habit and I’m not sure I could have made that leap without her. 

I am not a spring chicken and what I am beginning to understand is that healing the digestive system occurs in layers and takes time. Heather’s steady guiding consistency have greatly contributed to my current health improvements. I can now eat out at a food cart (with a few digestive enzymes as my friends) without feeling sick for a week! 

I would highly recommend Heather Lowe’s Gut Reset program.          - Lori Peterson RN, LAC

Whole Body Care - Physical Therapy and Functional Medicine

Heather and I have worked together on my sports and occupational injuries.  In my opinion, she is all that every professional should be and more.  She has a solid knowledgeable base with a strong commitment to continuing education that creates trustworthy astute assessment skills.  She listens well and is adept at positive reframing which is very helpful during tough times in recovery.  She develops a treatment strategy with you tailored to positive engagement and outcomes that include feedback.  She is careful to routinely evaluate the plans effectiveness. She refers as indicated. My last injury threatened to put me in a wheelchair. I believe I would be there were it not for Heather's incredible commitment to me.  She is technically proficient and artfully skilled with heartfelt communication skills. I am fully functional again!  I highly recommend her and am eternally grateful! Thanks Heather  :)            -   Karen Gussie, RN

Go-To Therapist

I have been a colleague and patient of Heather's for the past 4 years.  She is my go-to therapist to get at the root of what is causing my symptoms and most importantly, she helps me feel a lot better very quickly! She has helped me to quickly get out of pain with acute neck, shoulder and low back pain; and she was essential in my rehabilitation after a skiing accident that injured my knee. Dr. Heather has an impressively thorough and comprehensive approach to physical therapy and I appreciate her dedication to seeking the true cause of my symptoms.         -  Dr. Paula Kosberg, DPT

Thyroid Support

 I came to see Heather after I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and really struggled with the thought of taking medication for the rest of my life.  Heather gave me the confidence that I needed to figure out how to listen to my own body and assisted me in reversing my concern.  She also gave me the tools to sustain the health that I want to have in my life.  Thank you!            - Kendra Mittleider

"Finally got my foot back"

After three years having shattered my heel falling 16 feet off a roof, it's been a long journey. My wife went to see Heather and suggested I go see her. I was at a point where most everyone in the industry was telling me that I just had to live with the condition and pain my foot was in for the rest of my life and that it was going to recover only so much (I was still limping and often had to continue using a crutch).

Within a couple visits she realigned some interior parts of my foot and for the first time I was on the edge of a huge breakthrough. I've been seeing her for abut four months and last week during Thanksgiving was the first time I was able to run, play soccer with my twin boys and hike steep grades while hunting (and minimal to no issues after).  I still have a ways to go, but when your heel gets broken into twenty to thirty pieces, you realize after the Coughlin Institute tells you that you sustained a severe injury, there was no way at the time for me to put that into perspective having never before broken a bone. Every person's injury is different and the surgeon, Dr. Wesley Flint who performed the surgery, was remarkable and was able to structurally put my heel back to 95%. That said, it laid a great foundation for a remarkable recovery, of which I have Heather to be so grateful for working with me at this point in my journey. I am a civil engineer by profession. I studied materials science and fracture mechanics, so I find learning about the technical aspects of my injury fascinating.

Needless to say I find her highly qualified, competent and a real pleasure to have in my life helping my foot recover to its fullest potential.

- Bart Brooke 

Achilles Tendon and Gait Physical Therapy

My 11 year old daughter has been a toe walker her whole life. She had corrective achilles tendon lengthening surgery when she was 7, which helped temporarily, but she had continued to toe walk and was at a point where another surgery was recommended. We came to Heather at a neighbor's suggestion with nothing to lose, but also next to zero expectations for improvement since we had taken her to other PT's in the past with little success.  After only a few weeks we began to see increases in her range of motion and ability to not only stand, but walk flatter. She continues to improve weekly and for the first time, I have hope that another surgery can be avoided; particularly since her surgeon recently decided that surgery is now "not imminent".

Heather's integrative approach and extensive physical and biological knowledge sets her apart from other professionals we have been to. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs PT services.                      - Carrie Durland

Back pain

My daughter injured her back and I reached out to Dr. Heather.  She spent an hour with my daughter and found the injured and out of place areas and was able to gently adjust the muscles and joints back into their correct areas.  My daughter's back injury had prevented her from sleeping well and she had been walking and sitting in pain.  But now, in one short hour with Heathers gentle techniques, she is walking and sitting pain free. I am so amazed!  We will be utilizing Heather again! Additionally, I came in today because my back was bugging me. Heather has really helped me! I really appreciate the work she does and how she cares!

- Amanda and Capri Olsen

Scar Tissue, Inner Ear, Health ... with Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine and Essential Oils

I highly recommend Heather!  She has done so much to change my life! Following a mastectomy I had scar tissue that was causing pain and discomfort in my shoulder and neck. It significantly impacted my life being unable to turn my head, use my arm and shoulder.  I initially went to a PT for a year that only treated the symptoms, giving me relief that lasted a few hours to a few days. 

A friend was going to Heather and recommended her. Heather suggested essential oils.  She demonstrated the technique so I could share with my local massage therapist.  In 2.5 weeks time, the scar tissue was gone and has not returned after five years!  I have known about essential oils for a long time. With Heather's knowledge and her time educating me about oils, I am now using them daily. 

More recently I had an ear infection that caused the closing of my eustachian tube and a significant decrease in my hearing.  I tried Sudafed and blowing out through my nose while at the same time closing my nostrils in an attempt to open the eustachian tube.  I saw no change after a year.  A Physician's Assistant at Urgent Care told me he sees two people a day with a eustachian tube problem and his own teenage son had this condition also. He said there was nothing that can be done.  With my eustachian tube closing and my decrease in hearing, communication was extremely challenging.  I had to have the TV volume at 100 to hear and with movies I could not hear them at all, even at that volume. I believed the eustachian tube issue would not change; however, I wanted to see if there was something I could do for my hearing before purchasing a hearing aid. 


After a short time, with Heather using specific manual skull and facial techniques, my eustachian tube opened!  And after being on a functional medicine elimination diet for only 13 days, removing dairy, gluten, and others foods, my hearing has returned to normal. It has been a long time since I have heard birds chirp, the sound of clothing when I am dressing, etc. Also, with this change in diet, I have noted a change in memory. I have wondered for some time if I was experiencing the early stages of dementia because a thought would pop in my head and then be gone.  Now I can think of something and get to another part of the house and I remember!  This is huge for me!


Finally, my body does not feel like it is in a constant state of inflammation with the changes in my diet.  My health, my hearing, my memory ... I am so grateful for Heather! Her knowledge and approach with both Physical Therapy and Functional Medicine are key to a functional, healthy and vibrant life!          - Julie Fugate

Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine for GI support and Essential Oil Pain Support

After struggling with sciatic nerve and back pain from scoliosis for 8 months, at a time where I could not even walk down the hall in my house, I was desperate to find relief.  At that point, I had tried two rounds of physical therapy with another clinic, pain pills, and muscle relaxants and I was only slightly better.  I was told that I would have to learn to live with the pain. Because of the scoliosis, I could no longer lift my grand baby and there was no way to change the curve in my back. I was determined; I would not be satisfied with that!

After months of up and down and frustration with pain, I heard from two other sources that I should go to another physical therapy clinic where I was treated by Dr. Heather Lowe, who had been through some scoliosis specific training. She was kind and gentle, yet challenged me each week to new modalities to work on at home.  I felt I got the best one-on-one care, where I could ask questions and review my home therapy routine.  I received a lot of manual therapy, which helped to relieve my nagging sciatica nerve pain.  I learned so much about anatomy and why my specific curve causes my issues with pain.  I learned stretches that I could do when I was in pain that would give me relief. I also learned about doTERRA oils for the first time.  She asked me if I would like to try a few oils to see if they would help with some of the pain.  I had never tried anything like that before, so I was skeptical. But, I found that I got some great relief with Deep Blue Rub and several others, so I began to need little to no pain medication.  I learned tips on how to position when I sleep so I don't wake up in pain.  Best of all, the curve in my back got better! And, I got my life back! 

I wish I would have listened to my PA in the beginning and started out seeing Heather. I chose the other route because of insurance company co-pays. But, in the long run, I found it wasn't the easy route that provided the care that I needed to heal. It ended up costing me more money and time and prolonged pain.


More recently, I have been seeing Heather about some other health issues with my gut and high cholesterol.  She is someone who is always researching and learning. When I learned she had her certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I wasn't surprised.  She has already helped me with my gut issues and recommended some suggestions for my elevated cholesterol.  She is all about helping the whole person in wellness, not just putting a Band-Aid on a problem or treating the symptoms only. I really appreciate her approach. 

I tell everyone about how she helped to turn my life around! I really appreciate the respectful care Dr. Heather Lowe gives her patients.  It is so refreshing in today's society to find someone who really cares!                  - Quinn Bates   

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